by Stoop Kids

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released October 28, 2015

Drums tracked by Ben Story @ Novella Studios, Dixon, CA

Guitar, Bass, and Vocals tracked by Stephen Starbuck @ Wormhole Studios #2, Elk Grove, CA.

Mix and Mastered by Stephen Starbuck.

Written and performed by your favorite bay area slack rockers, Stoop Kids.



all rights reserved


Stoop Kids Fairfield, California

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Track Name: Change
I thought this wouldn't hurt
But, then you went and changed.
There's always something wrong.
There's something wrong with my brain.

I thought this wouldn't hurt
But, then you went and changed.

I know it's not my fault.
But, I'll wear all the shame.
I can't change the past.
You'll never be the same.

I thought this wouldn't hurt
But, then you went and changed again.
Track Name: Snow
You've got me pinned up on the wall
Ignoring the words that I hear.
And I know that you wanted more than this.
Whatever keeps you safe.

So, tell me what you want to know
Before I'm faded.
My face buried deep in the snow.
The thing you hated most.

But, how am I to know
What has you so stuck in my head?
Forget everything that you know
And keep your advice to yourself.
Track Name: Think Of Me
You ever think of me?
You ever think of me, baby?
'Cause I'm lonely
And you're the only one who I'm thinking of...

If you don't care, then why should I?
And if you don't care then why should I?
Track Name: Lowen Slough
I get it.
You're moving on because you feel like you don't have a say in this.
And i know that it's hard
To leave this thing you're leaving.
But, there is just no place or time for this.

I wish that I could be better on my own.
Even if it's forever.
Even if it would take me my whole life.

You're so cold the way you left me on my own
When you knew I never truly stood a chance.
But, I've been watching you change slowly
When I needed you the most.